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[ox-en] Administrative notes

Hi all!

A couple of technical things I want to ask you to check when sending
to the list:

* If you are starting a new thread, please write a new mail

  Some people here are starting new threads by answering a message
  they received from the list and just change the subject (if at all)
  and remove the quoted text. This disturbs the thread archive of the
  list because a completely unrelated thread gets listed under another
  thread and thus is more difficult to find.

  So, don't abuse an old mail as a cheap replacement of a missing
  address book entry and write a completely new mail.

* If you send a mail to the list, care about the subject

  The subject of a mail should give a quick impression of what the
  mail is about. This helps people checking there mail and above all
  makes the entries in the archive comprehensible (where at many
  points the subject is the only thing listed).

  So if you are starting a new thread by writing a new mail give it a
  good subject line close to the content of the mail. If you're
  responding to a thread with a subject no longer matching the content
  feel free to change the subject to something more appropriate. It's
  best to include the old subject by "(was: OLD SUBJECT HERE)" so the
  link is clear. Responders to such a mail may drop the "(was: ...)"

  If you have a couple of rather unrelated thinges you want to say,
  send a couple of mails instead of folding everything into one. Then
  people can respond to each content separately and thus a better
  threading is easy.

* If you send a mail to the list check that the time of your computer
  is correct

  Again this is a problem with the archive. For instance Gus' computer
  seems to be one day ahead of the rest of the computers in the world.
  When someone responds to Gus quickly then the date of the mail of
  the responder is *before* the date of the mail s/he responded to.
  Again that disturbs the archive (and makes threaded reading
  difficult because the responded to mail is listed after the response
  :-( ).

  So please check the time of your computer. For that it may be
  necessary to set the time zone right if it is not set correctly.




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