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[ox-en] Oekonux book project

Hi bookies!

I just read the various mails about the book project. I hope I got all
important mails and did not loose something in the rather chaotic
subject structure.

It seems to me that at this point we have enough energy on this list
to try to push something like the Oekonux book project. Whether or not
a bigger part of the German part of the project is interested in that
or not seems not very relevant to me. The people on
`list-en' can do it without much help from the German-only
part and thus IMHO we should try to push it.

One good thing about reading mail with such a big delay is, that I can
gather all the relevant mails about one issue such as the book. I took
the opportunity to create an OpenTheory project listing a number of
questions we need to answer when thinking about a Oekonux book
project. I hope I picked up all the questions and the few answers.
Please find it at

I appended the text of the initial version below. I'll set up things
in a way responses to the text are forwarded to this list. Hope this
is ok.

						Mit Freien Grüßen


PS: Ahm, just a note about the organization of the discussion. If this
    would take place on the German list, I'd recommend to transfer it
    to the `projekt' list which is meant for more
    organizational discussions like that. However, since a number of
    people here seem to be interested in such a project, because the
    English list is way smaller than the German list, and because the
    traffic here is rather moderate I think it is ok if this takes
    place here. Anyone with a different opinion?

PPS: I'm sorry, but because of my stupidity the inital version of the
     OpenTheory project doesn't contain any links. The appended text

--- 8< --- 8< --- 8< --- 8< --- 8< --- 8< --- 8< --- 8< --- 8< --- 8< ---
Organization of the Oekonux book

This text is an attempt to structure the questions arising when
(people from the) Oekonux project wants to publish a book. This text
is a result of a discussion which took place on list-en AT oekonux DOT
org []. The text is maintained as a
OpenTheory project [] where everyone
can comment on it.

The following text is mainly a collections of questions which need to
be answered for a Oekonux book. I tried to structure the following
questions in a way that the questions which need to be answered first
appear first in the text.

1. What for?

If people from the Oekonux project want to publish a book we need to
know what we're trying to accomplish with such a task. If this
question is answered a number of other answers result from that.

o    What do we try to accomplish with a book?

     o    Try to spread Oekonux ideas to an English speaking audience

o    Which audience should the book address?

     o    Hacker community

     o    New social movements

     o    Academics

     o    General public

o    Which languages should be allowed?

     o    English only

     o    Multiple languages (perhaps English, German, Spanish)

o    Which form should the book have?

     o    Regular book printed on paper

     o    Book on demand

     o    Collection of texts on the web site

2. What content?

The answer to this general question influences the question on the
character of the book. If texts from outside the Oekonux project are
included we need to decide whether it is still an Oekonux book or
something different.

o    Graham's list

o    Oekonux texts from Stefans

     o    Gnu/Linux - Meilenstein auf dem Weg in die GPL-Gesellschaft

     o    GNU/Linux ist nichts wert - und das ist gut so!

o    Texts from the conferences

     o    1. Oekonux conference

     o    2. Oekonux conference

o    Texts from outside Oekonux

o    Manifesto

     o    Needs to be written

3. Translations

If original German texts should appear in the book in English they
need to be translated.

o    What to translate?

     o    Summaries may help a decision what to translate [the
          respective author]

o    Availability of German texts in needed form

     o    The authors should make their texts available in the needed

o    Cooperation of several translators

     o    OpenTheory (bad for this task)

     o    Wiki

     o    Something editable with a real editor (not limited to the
          features of a editor included in a web browser)

     o    CVS repository [Chris]

4. Tasks for publishing a book

o    Editing

     o    I.e. collecting the texts, making them fit together and
          write a summary

o    Spellchecking

o    Publishing

     o    I.e. keeping in contact with the publishers [Alan]

o    Graphics (Front cover, Lay-out etc.) [Johan]

5. Money

Money is only a question when we're talking of a book printed on
paper. For other forms of distribution this is less important or
completely irrelevant question.

o    What about financing at all?

     o    The German e.V. could be the official publisher of the book

     o    Could there be raised funds for the book?

o    What about possible losses?

o    What about possible gains?


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