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Re: [ox-en] Free project

On 20 Jan 2003, Rich Walker wrote:


Iam Gus from Argentina
Do you have any projects about

    * Free electronic and hardware projects

We are currently putting together a Free-as-in-speech robot platform,
-etch-the-board-stuff-the-parts-program-the-chips hardware (variant
OHGPL) and GPL'd software. I've actually been asked to describe it on
this list, but it's Not Quite Publishable yet.

Let me know if you want it listed on opencollector 

So, if anyone builds hardware on a regular basis, and is interested in
building and testing some and playing with the robot libraries, Please
Tell Me.

    * Free CPU

Under debian, /usr/share/doc/HOWTO/*-*/CPU-Design-HOWTO.gz has a section
of Free CPUs.

I haven't looked at lately, but the original version was lifted from (which has a mix of free and non-free cpus). There are also
some listed on opencollector, and many more on

    * Free car project


There's oscar ( but I believe it's dormant
at the moment. 



cheers, Rich.


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