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Graham Seaman ?? <anonym> kommentiert folgenden Absatz:
-    Multiple languages (perhaps English, German, Spanish)

Perhaps the printed book could be in one language, but any etext or
electronically available work could have languages selected (ie., if you
could select 'preferred language', 'acceptable languages', and
'unusable languages' and receive the appropriate mix.

Ano Nym <anonym> kommentiert folgenden Absatz:
My favourite way of publishing would be to put the book on the internet,
(a) in a ready-to-print form (like a ps.gz or pdf file), and (b) its
source form. This would be similar to the way Debian puts up CD images.

A variation on this would be to do something like O'Reilly and others are
doing now: have a printed book (which is more convenient for many people -
including me - who do not like reading large amounts of material on a
screen), which is completely inflexible (perhaps only one language), and
electronically available texts which can be selected in any combination.

Ano Nym <anonym> kommentiert folgenden Absatz:
The answer to this general question influences the question on the
character of the book. If texts from outside the Oekonux project are
included we need to decide whether it is still an Oekonux book or
something different.

Possibilities: 1. 'Historical': Original oekonux texts, in historical
order. Some of the first texts are a little dated now (eg. pre-Napster);
we just leave them as they are. 2. 'Current': ask people who have
written relevant texts in the past to write an updated but similar version
for the book. This might give the editor more control in making the book
coherent, and make it more relevant to now. 3. 'Debate': I would
personally quite like to see something which argues around the main points
(which would be more in the spirit of the list!) rather than texts which
repeat the gospel. One way would be to include the published debate
between Stefan Mz. and Krisis. I don't know if Krisis would allow this.
4.'General': expand the book to include texts from completely outside
oekonux which are relevant to the same interests. For example, Alan's
suggestion of Eben Moglen's article, a text from Johan, or one from
Quilombo Digital (Brazilian), or Richarard Barbrook. Risks being rather
incoherent and lacking in a single theme.


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