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Re: [ox-en] ox or non ox

On Sun, 2 Feb 2003, johan soderberg wrote:

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If texts from outside the Oekonux project are
included we need to decide whether it is still an Oekonux book or
something different.

Im afraid we are back at the quistion from square one, what defines an
Oekonux and a non-Oekonux text?

Just for the purposes of talking about the book, and with no particularly
deep meaning, I've been using an 'oekonux text' to mean one written by
someone(s) who have been active on one of the oekonux lists for some
time, and where the text has been discussed on the list or elsewhere
(eg opentheory, or the conferences) and possibly changed as a result.

So in this sense, for example, Raoul's text is not an oekonux text 
(although it closely agrees in its ideas with many oekonux texts).


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