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Re: [ox-en] [ot:ox-book] Zu Projekt 'ox-book'

Hi MJ Ray,

On Monday 20 January 2003 11:44, MJ Ray wrote:
Thomas Uwe Gr&uuml;ttm&uuml;ller <sloyment> wrote:

The best thing seems to be, to let the publisher publish the
book only based on the rights of the GFDL (or whatever
license the texts are licensed under to the public).

I think the GFDL would allow the publisher to add
non-removable texts to the book.  Is that correct? 

If the publisher creates a modified version, he can add 
non-removable sections, but he cannot do that with the original 
work he has got, as he does not have any copyrights on it.

Is that desirable?

Bundling with the license of the work, the corresponding source 
code, or even with the initial, unchanged source code is quite 
common to free software. However, bundling with random text 
seems dangerous to me, as for example non-removable nazi 
propaganda or non-removable pornography would render the entire 
text undistributable in certain areas, or unusable in certain 
fields. When I read the GFDL for the first time, I thought that 
the Invariant Sections were meant to be used as disclaimers or 
similar things; but that's not true. They can be used for any 

The solution that I have in mind is that the Oekonux book 
project could prepare the whole book up to a ready-to-print 
state. So, there would hardly be any reason for a publisher to 
edit it at all.


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