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English link page (was: Re: [ox-en] Free project)

Hi all!

Last week (7 days ago) Graham Seaman wrote:
On Fri, 24 Jan 2003, Joel R Schlosberg wrote:
There's an article in English about the OSCAR
project at

That's excellent!

If you say so :-) .

Stefan, could you put a link to it on the english
web pages?

For now I added it to the link list at

However, while I'm at it I'd like to raise this topic here which moves
around in my head for some time now. Above I named the URL of a quite
exhaustive list of links relevant for the Oekonux discussions. Each
link has a short comment and all the links are sorted into a rather
fine-grained structure. Some people think this is a valuable resource
:-) .

Unfortunately like many other things the link list is available only
in German. Of course a lot of content behind the links is in English
so this is a real pity because it makes the links nearly unaccessible
for English readers :-( . So it would be a worthwhile task to
translate the page. Once it is translated I'd add new links in both
languages so this would be a one time effort.

There are several options.

* Someone wants to translate the whole document.

  This would be best but most work.

  If anyone is interested in doing something for this job please
  contact me and I'll send you the source of the page. It's a rather
  simple markup language very close to e-mail style ASCII text.

* Someone checks out which links point to English content.

  Based on that I could add some special markup to the German page so
  at least the English links are findable.

  This would end up in a mediocre result but would be a lot of work.
  However, such an overview would be a good thing to have and again I
  could maintain it in the future.

* I could extract all the links and dump them on an own page.

  This could be automated so this would be next to no work. However, a
  list of bare links is rather useless.

* [Your idea here]

Any volunteers?

						Mit Freien Grüßen


PS: Please understand that I'm completely abstaining from all
translation tasks. I'm constantly pushing the limits of my personal
power with all the other tasks in the project already and I really
can't bear any more.


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