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Re: [ox-en] Re: Two texts

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Hi Stefan, Chris, Graham and list!

Two days ago, Stefan wrote:
Actually JC's questions you're answering in the first text "FREE
SOFTWARE AND MARKET RELATIONS" pop up very often. Your text answers
them very good. And your text has the special advantage that it is in
English :-) . I think about whether to add it to the English Oekonux
texts at

Would you mind doing so? 

Yesterday Chris and Graham wrote also some comments on the two texts that I sent to the list, last December. It makes me really happy that you find my texts good, and that you propose to add them to the English Oekonux texts, or even the book, as Graham proposes. I only know the Oekonux texts in English and Spanish. But I am sure that the texts in German that will be on the book are also interesting.

 Stefan writes:

If you like I could use the original RTFs
transform them and embed them in the web site. It would be good if you
could give us a real name for that.

It is OK for me. My "real" name is Raoul Victor.

Chris and Graham ask: 

Is Raoul on this list?

I recently (last December) subscribed to the list. 

I heard of Oekonux by an old friend of mine, Marc, who lives in Berlin and with whom I have in recent years discussed about the consequences of the present technological revolution for the revolutionary project. He told me he had met people who arrived to conclusions close to mines in Berlin and gave me the Oekonux address. 

The two texts I sent were written within a French speaking list. ( This list started two years ago as a mean to discuss the failure of the "revolutionary" theory to explain important aspects of the reality of the 20th century. One the axis of discussion has been, since the beginning, the question of the evolution of capitalism, and within this, the question of knowing if the ICT were a technological revolution, as the industrial revolution in the 19th century. The dynamic of the discussion led me to the idea of free software as germs of non-market social relationships. But, I have been, till now, rather isolated in the list defending this point of view. even if things may begin to change. (For many reasons, Marxists, as most "ists", have difficulties to put into question important aspects of their thinking framework. And there is an understandable mistrust in relation to capitalist hymns to the youth of the system, youth which is supposed t!
 o be proved by this new industrial revolution.) Thus, discovering Oekonux was for me comforting and fortifying. 

- - -

By another mail, I am sending to Stefan a translation, made by a close person, from Spanish into French of the text "Das utopisch Klo".

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