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Christof Beaupoil * Free Hardware, OpenDesign, F/LOSH (was: [ox-en] Conference documentation)

Free Hardware, OpenDesign, F/LOSH

Christof Beaupoil [christof]

5 Theses

The theses are available at


o    Free* 1 -> Altruism

o    Free* 2 -> Copiability

o    Free* 1[PHONE NUMBER REMOVED] -> Abstraction of the Free Software

     Phenomenon to Free-everything phenomenon

o    1% Machine -> Hardware fulfills Free* 1[PHONE NUMBER REMOVED]

o    It's here already -> Empirical "Proof"

o    Steel Bullet Law -> Free Hardware is necessary

Free* 1

o    "Altruistic behavior is naturally occurring, intended and stable
     even under extreme market-place-like conditions" S.S. Levine

o    Human beings want "Selbstentfaltung" in the area of their own
     interest. The Internet provides the capabilities to do this
     globally with people of the same interest. This leads to a better
     result than doing the same thing for economic reasons, because
     the aim is not the fulfillment of a task with minimal effort but
     to achieve the best result.

Free* 2

o    "What can be digitized will be shared" S.S. Levine

o    If the possibility exists to make a 100% copy with 0 transaction
     costs, so that the result of the "Selbstentfaltung" can be passed
     on to other human beings, who can use it, improve it and pass it
     on again, it will happen.

1% Machine

Software    =          Sources     +                      Build
Hardware    =          Sources     +           (digital + Build
                                               material)  process
                       90%         +           10%
                       (R&D +      +           90%
                       Blueprints)             Standard
                                               parts +

o    Most Hardware can be 99% digitized

o    Hardware fulfills Free* 1 and 99% of Free* 2. This makes Free
     Hardware possible.

o    The 1% gap is the same gap that distributors close for Free
     Software by providing an end-user product

It's here already!

o    Free Hardware exists



o    Beamers, Rockets, Aircrafts, Biogas...

o    ...I'll publish my link list on Monday

Steel Bullet Law

o    "No profit maximizing organization will market a technical
     improvement of one order of magnitude."

o    Current problems of mankind make technical improvements of
     several orders of magnitude desirable.

o    Creation of monopolies, patent law and regulations will slow down
     proprietary technical progress.

What next?

o    License Hardware GPL

o    Tools (, Free CAD Software, database for standard

o    Projects (bring together people fighting alone)

o    Distributors for non-standard parts and products

o    Adopt further successful methods from Free Software

o    Close collaboration with Free Software scene

Please Help!

o    opendesign

o    Thanks



     Total information needed to produce the good. For Software this
     is the source code. For hardware this is all information needed
     to materialize the product (e.g. part lists, production and
     assembly blueprints, CNC machine programs...)

Build process

     For software a purely digital process which runs on a processor
     without intervention. For material goods this is the production

Standard part

     Every part for which an ISO norm and more than one manufacturer


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