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[ox-en] Interesting link?


Some time ago Graham suggested the link

to be included in the Oekonux link list. I scanned the web site
quickly - and didn't understand it. Partly because of the French
language and partly because I was confused.

I asked Graham what their objective is and he said (hoping you won't
mind I'm citing from a PM, Graham), "Their slogan is 'not just free
software - free people'. The general theme is that free software is
not very meaningful separated from the methods used to create it; and
that it is using, analysing and spreading the methods that is most

I agree that this sounds very Oekonuxy. However, I'm sharing Graham's
impression that the web site is rather confusing. For instance I just
read some parts of

and frankly don't know what the topic of this article is.

So for now I won't include it in the link list which is ok with
Graham. However, I post it here so it is at least in the Oekonux web
archives and it is brought to your attention. May be both of us
overlooked something important one of you may find.

						Mit Freien Grüßen



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