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Re: [ox] Oekonux and politics (was:Re: [ox-en] Theses about the relation between

Thomas Berker from Norway writes:

But then there is a political point, too: I still think - and that is of 
course a very old discussion within the project - that there are at least 
two possible futures for Free Software and its principles: Being adapted 
and modernising capitalism without really changing anything - or 
destabilising existing power structures. There is potential for both. 

At least at this point I disagree. There are old motives to resume:

The concept of free software is by no means a  "limited" idea. As has been
pointed out, it is the harbinger of a new way of working, a new mode of
production. Or it might be, its our hypothesis and widespread feeling. Its
success means empowerment of cooperative modes everywhere. You can read
this everywhere in Neue Zürcher or elsewhere: Either free software
prevails - then this has consequences! -  or it is a "temporary

The way free software influences capitalism can be observed in the stores:
Computers with Debian Linux are sustantially cheaper than the ones with
W2000 or XP. Good. So what? That does not change the basic dilemma that
producing the hardware profitably is increasingly difficult. The
self-contradiction of value and the destructive consequences of
competition are not dimuinished, if parts of the social production are
freely available resources for the firms. 

Possible futures are always also about politics because they are disputed 
and shaped by fights and decisions. And in the domain of politics,
for allies is useful for small projects like Oekonux. Clearly, social
and other 'new social movements' are as oekonuxish as it gets in today's 
political landscape.

I agree that there is elements of a political formation of civil society
in the social fora - and I have shown my opinion that this invitation was
different from "just anybody". But the future of society is decided in the
realm of production. Both, the social fora and oekonux, are still very far
away from inspiring changes in our daily life.

Maybe it is really time for a fork? Oekonux remaining more theory-based
eager to remain politically independent (which is of course also
while another project gathers some people who are interested in Free 
Software and its principles as political project.

I would regret that. It would destroy the very base and attractiveness of
Oekonux, as I have pointed out in the answer to Franz Schaefer. Oekonux is
*political*  exactly through its *post-political*  approach, through its
direct focus on the mode of production instead of external
power-relations. We do not need a leftist label to change the world,
because we are looking at the change itself. This is the very truth Stefan
is sniffing and for the sake of this truth I ask you to reconsider your

At least I would have been more inclined to come the long way from Norway 
to Austria knowing that I will not only attend a 'more internal' (as
writes) Oekonux meeting.

I think the program will be exciting and international. Its up to all of
us to make sure it will be.



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