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Oekonux and politics (was:Re: [ox-en] Theses about the relation between the Oekonux project and the remaining world)

Hi lists!

So far it seems to me that Stefan's reflections on the relation to "the remaining world" are guided by the fear to be identified as part of 'the left' and thus becoming part of the traditional left's demise.

However, I believe there is a misconception of what social fora all over the world are about. Especially in Germany their deliberate pluralism was attacked for its "trans-left" character by keepers of the holy marxist truth. Sure, within this pluralism you will find a lot traditionalist left-wing politics and politicians. But, if I am not wrong, Oekonux has attracted many of those as well - without taking too much harm.

But then there is a political point, too: I still think - and that is of course a very old discussion within the project - that there are at least two possible futures for Free Software and its principles: Being adapted and modernising capitalism without really changing anything - or destabilising existing power structures. There is potential for both. Possible futures are always also about politics because they are disputed and shaped by fights and decisions. And in the domain of politics, looking for allies is useful for small projects like Oekonux. Clearly, social fora and other 'new social movements' are as oekonuxish as it gets in today's political landscape.

Maybe it is really time for a fork? Oekonux remaining more theory-based and eager to remain politically independent (which is of course also politics), while another project gathers some people who are interested in Free Software and its principles as political project.

At least I would have been more inclined to come the long way from Norway to Austria knowing that I will not only attend a 'more internal' (as Stefan writes) Oekonux meeting.

Best, Thomas

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