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Re: [ox] Re: [ox-en] role of science and universities

Thomas Uwe Gruettmueller writes:
I fully agree with your answer, but I doubt that the universities 
can be reformed. I guess that instead, science will move out 
from there sooner or later and find its new home on the 

But where is the home of the internet?

Large switches, and the companies that created a stock-market bubble to
buy them. Like all capital-intensive technology changes.

We have to appreciate that all we are doing is still largely founded on
academic networks.

Can you explain this statement, as I can't think of a meaning for it
where it is true?

It reminds me a little bit of the situation 400 - 500 years ago when the
were founded.

Everybody then said: lets move out of the monasteries!

When the University I went to was founded, it was because Oxford was a
dangerous place where you couldn't get any work done. (I understand
little has changed)

Mind you, they didn't let women there for 500 years after it was
founded, so I think they were trying to keep the monastery element.

And in a way, the monasteries lost a lot of their importance.

Physical location of large libraries. [Is there a study on this anywhere?]

But it would be an error to assume that monasteries did not continue
to play a certain role in the scientific system.

Mendel, for example.

I find this another exciting application of McLuhans Laws of Media.

Can you be more specific?

cheers, Rich.



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