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Re: [ox-en] Impaired - is it SCO? preliminary thoughts.

So up until now, the big claim by OSI against SCO having any property in
any UNIX has been the so called impairment by the USL litigation. You can
see from this I find that a hard one to accept at the moment.

I think this case is much more straight-forward and does not raise a lot of 
general questions. Until the SCO shows the code it claims infringement on, 
the claim is factually baseless. I presume that is the reason why a court in 
Germany has forbidden SCO to claim CP infringement until the case has been 
heard. SCO also knows that getting license fees for linux is not a valid 
strategy since even if, and that's a big if, there is copyrighted code in the 
kernel, it would be a matter of days, perhaps weeks, until it was rewritten 
once it has been identified. After that, a simple upgrade would get would 
suffice to counter SCO's attempt to collect money.

It all strikes me really a) an issue of some people (perhaps with some support 
from M$?) trying to create uncertainty over Linux (and Free Software in 
general, though that's factually not correct, but that's not what this case 
is about anyway) or b) a company that is about to go out of business trying 
to be bought out. Perhaps they are really sly and play a double strategy, ie 
accept money to create uncertainty while working on being bought out. In this 
case, they would get paid twice and make killing.

Nothing particularly interesting either way, except in terms of hard-nosed 
cynical business strategy. 




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