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Re: [ox-en] GPL Restrictive (and all the rest of those threads that this grew out of)

Martin Hardie wrote:

I think that we need not worry.  I  think that Eben knows what he's up to, as
does Richard.

Seth I really like what you say here on this list but many people here and now
you have this faith that worries me. Its almost evangelical what people say
soemtimes. Trust him for he is a lawyer, or he has a good one. People seem to
repeat the received wisdoms of the FLoss community. The ideology without any
acceptance that the other ideologies are as deeply held and after all wield
more power. How can you have such blind faith in 1. lawyers and 2. the
promotors of an idea/ideology.

I think that Eben knows what he's up to, as does Richard.  It will be a
bright sunshiny day when someone finally dares to drag the GPL into court,
no matter what line of attack is brought against it.  If the charge is that
it interferes with the right to contract, then the issue will finally become
transparent: either the question of whether algorithms are appropriate
subject matter for copyright in the first place, or the question of whether
copyrights on algorithms are the kind of thing that can trump supposed
rights to write contracts that would cover algorithms.

In addressing my comments, please address what I say, not what you're trying
to say.



DRM is Theft!  We are the Stakeholders!

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I reserve no rights restricting copying, modification or distribution of
this incidentally recorded communication.  Original authorship should be
attributed reasonably, but only so far as such an expectation might hold for
usual practice in ordinary social discourse to which one holds no claim of
exclusive rights.


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