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Re: Documentation Standards was Re: [ox-en] UserLinux

As ana ging ex semi aussie punk I am not sure what you are up to here:

On Saturday 06 December 2003 17:08, Paul Bowman wrote:
But a story I'm interested in, for one. Can you run a gunzip (not

:) on the above?

posibly beacuse I am tech illiterate and its 5 in the morning and mozambique 
and I have the cricket on the tv live from brisbane

help me out mate


"Mind you, I am not asking you to bear witness to what you believe false, 
which would be a sin, but to testify falsely to what you believe true - which 
is a virtuous act because it compensates for lack of proof of something 
that certainly exists or happened." Bishop Otto to Baudolino in Umberto Eco's 


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