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Re: Documentation Standards was Re: [ox-en] UserLinux

"Graham" == Graham Seaman <graham> writes:

    Graham> Hi Martin, I don't understand why you think trolling is
    Graham> productive. It doesn't seem to me to get anywhere, and it
    Graham> certainly gives no-one an idea what your ideas are - it
    Graham> leaves everything exactly as it was. No new input, no
    Graham> output.

Damn, just when I was getting down to enjoy a nice warm flame-war! ;)

-- Raju

    Graham> [snip]

Raj Mathur                raju
       GPG: 78D4 FC67 367F 40E2 0DD5  0FEF C968 D0EF CC68 D17F
                      It is the mind that moves

Thread: oxenT01623 Message: 46/129 L16 [In index]
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