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Re: Documentation Standards was Re: [ox-en] UserLinux

 oh but I forgot we should only say nice things about  free software, repeat 
the language, worship or code and never try and look into things that 
question what we say, where we are going, or god forbid if the path is 
dangerous. Anyone who does these things is obviously a non believer, they 
should be run out of the temple or bazaar as they obvioulsy just don't 
understand or support free as in freedom. I forgot floss is evolutionary 
better, its inevitable that this higher form of machine will succed all other 
forms and free us all, inclduing the kids I see everyday begging for 2 cents 
to buy bread while they die of aids on the streets of africa.

I agree that the 'free' rhetoric is overwhelming.  but, we are
experiencing imho the largest collaborative project that mankind has known
to date.  It's not saving the world and lord knows it's not putting any
food on anyones table, but it is teaching me a lot about work and society
and world around us...  and in many ways making things a little bit



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