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[ox-en] "We Seize!" report - Thursday

Hi for a last report!

One note about the rooms for the PolyMediaLab: After some negotiation
with the city council "We Seize!" were offered a really nice location
right across the street from Usine, some technician provided a 1GBit
line, and the city council pays for everything. As someone said this
place is even much better than the original one.

One more note: Of course at "We Seize!" there has been plenty of
Internet access for free (i.e. no price). It were available by
wireless installations and by wire - just plug in and DHCP did the

Today at 12:15 we actually started the session which has been planned
to be the very first one. It has been attended by about 20 people.
Actually I gave a short introduction into Oekonux and we had a very
interesting discussion afterwards. The discussion has been around the
question of openness, control, latent hierarchies, maintainership and
all these things. Indymedia was discussed as an example. It very much
remembered me of the discussion around OHA.

After that there was a presentation of the Yomango project
[]. It has been attended by 35+ persons. I attended
only the final part of the presentation but what I understood is that
they promote stealing from shops and make this some event. For
instance they develop special clothing with lots of (hidden) bags and
so on. They showed some films and at least they have a quite
professional video team and a lot of fun during their actions.

I don't know whether this has went out via IRC. Also I don't know this
for the first session.

In the afternoon we had a workshop continuing the discussion on
Oekonux and related topics. The workshop has been attended by about 14
persons and we had a quite interesting discussions. I'm going to send
some interesting thoughts to the Oekonux lists separately.

In the evening there was a film "Dying for drugs" shown about the lack
of pharmaceutical products in developing countries and its
consequences. After that James Love gave a talk and there was also
some discussion which I was too hungry to attend.

So after all the Oekonux related things worked out more or less as
planned. And we had indeed some interesting discussion.

I have left on Friday so I can't tell about what happened at this day.
However, there was a demonstration planned by some Genevan group and
in the morning my host told me that there are already helicopters
circling over the city and this means something. Also there were lots
of police in the city - most of them with full body armor. Hopefully
things went not too bad...

						Mit Freien Grüßen



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