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Re: [ox-en] Nazi in Debian Alert


Paul Bowman wrote:
|> Shame on Bruce Perens, and his shoddy words.
|> What was RMS's reaction?
| Good question. I have not been privvy to his reaction (though I can
| imagine he's pretty upset and probably
| more than a little pissed off - but he doesn't know me from Adam, so I
| suspect you'd need to speak to some
| of the folks he is in regular communication with to find out)

You'll probably get a reply eventually -- RMS gets a LOT of mail and
sometimes it takes him a while to answer (I've seen a reply to a thread
also addressed to him personally wind up on a mailing list months after
the original post).

However, I suspect you'll find him to be a moron and fucking yank. E.g.

~    I despise Nazism, but I oppose censorship of Nazi views, or any
~    other political views. I would refuse to censor even George Bush if
~    it were up to me. As this case shows, any kind of political
~    censorship threatens the freedom of everyone. Americans concerned
~    about censorship can contribute to the ACLU or the EFF. In the UK,
~    please support FIPR.

I suspect that he'll feel the same way about people with particular
political views he despises being involved in Free Software projects.

- Benja


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