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Re: [ox-en] Nazi in Debian Alert


Just got back from Munich. As you have a couple of questions I'll reply inline

John Bywater wrote:

Dear Paul,

Thank you, and well done for speaking up.

Please can you can send me the information you mention?

Will do (offlist) just need to gather them up, review and tar & gzip. Probably sometime over the weekend
(amazing how much else there is to catch up after only a few days away!)

Anybody who thinks that allowing nazis to just go about their business,
or worse, anybody who thinks that facism is just something that happened
several decades ago in Germany, or worse, anybody who doesn't applaud
when they see somebody standing up for the things facists would have
subtracted from humanity, or perhaps worst of all, anybody who denounces
somebody for standing up for those things facists would have subtracted
from humanity, at least deserves to be engaged in strenuous argument.

Shame on Bruce Perens, and his shoddy words.

What was RMS's reaction?

Good question. I have not been privvy to his reaction (though I can imagine he's pretty upset and probably more than a little pissed off - but he doesn't know me from Adam, so I suspect you'd need to speak to some
of the folks he is in regular communication with to find out)

John Bywater.


Paul Bowman

P.S. anybody know of a decent HOWTO on linking GPG into Mozilla mail?


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