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Re: [ox-en] at once wedding bells and death

On 26 Jan 2004 at 19:23, John Bywater wrote:

However let's be 
clear - his are FAILED views, ones which won't ever return in a form
we would recognise them in.
To return perhaps to Trotsky, and to gently reject Art McGee's grim
choice, fascism "is a plebian movement in origin, directed and
financed by big capitalist powers." 

I was referring to Nazism, not fascism - a far more general ideology 
which originates from the Roman empire via the Roman Catholic church. 
It is a great and dangerous mistake to consider the two one and the 

Fascism has and will continue to reappear as large sections of the 
global population haven't outgrown it yet, most especially the 
country with most weapons currently. OTOH fascism has existing for 
over 2000 years so why would it so quickly disappear?

Nazism however we have grown past. Thankfully.


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