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Re: [ox-en] Creating a (r)evolutionary situation

Hi Martin,

La comunidad Oekonux abrio un wiki en español, se
necesita colaboracion de traductores.

Oekonux community presents its spanish wiki,
collaboration is needed!

:) - I understand that you / Hipatia may be going to the Oekonux conference in Vienna in May. I had not intended going to this conference because of other commitments. I think now it makes sense if I come along and meet with Stefan and everyone.

03/02/04 22:17 Graham Seaman wrote:

Felipe Perez Marti, who has proposed a talk at oekonux, is organizing
another Free Software conference in Venezuela. He's looking for speakers

This would be particularly relevant to anyone involved with free software
in education - the Venezuelan government has just signed a deal with MS
in a complete change of policy;

I'm not sure if this concerns you directly Martin but I am more than willing to share my understanding from inside the UK educational sector - this is what I wrote last month when a similar deal with MS was signed by Becta, on behalf of the UK Government.

All the best



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