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Re: [ox-en] Creating a (r)evolutionary situation

 --- Adam Moran <adam> escribió: > Hi

Hi, Adam

La comunidad Oekonux abrio un wiki en español, se
necesita colaboracion de traductores.

Oekonux community presents its spanish wiki,
collaboration is needed! 

:) - I understand that you / Hipatia may be going to
the Oekonux 
conference in Vienna in May. 
I had not intended
going to this conference 
because of other commitments. I think now it makes
sense if I come along 
and meet with Stefan and everyone.

Not me, but I guess (and I hope) that some Hipatians
will be there. I have a lot of work here, I was
elected president of a new NGO "SOLAR Software Libre
Argentina" with a lot of perspectives to disseminate
FLOSS in Argentina.
If you can erad spanish, please take a look at (NGO) and

Felipe Perez Marti, who has proposed a talk at
oekonux, is organizing
another Free Software conference in Venezuela.
He's looking for speakers

This would be particularly relevant to anyone
involved with free software
in education - the Venezuelan government has just
signed a deal with MS
in a complete change of policy;

I'm not sure if this concerns you directly Martin

Yes, FLOSS and Education concerns me, but mainly my
children (only one 3-years old, up to now) and their
forecoming children ;)

I am in contact with Felipe and his organization
Conexión Social. They are leading FLOSS applied to
social issues in Venezuela, and in contact with people
from Hipatia also. Richard Stallman was also very
interested in this process in Venezuela.

but I am more than 
willing to share my understanding from inside the UK
educational sector 
- this is what I wrote last month when a similar
deal with MS was signed 
by Becta, on behalf of the UK Government.

More news about this?

SOLAR Software Libre Argentina

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