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Re: [ox-en] Creating a (r)evolutionary situation

Hi Martin,

Martin Olivera wrote:

Not me, but I guess (and I hope) that some Hipatians
will be there. I have a lot of work here, I was
elected president of a new NGO "SOLAR Software Libre
Argentina" with a lot of perspectives to disseminate
FLOSS in Argentina.

My Spanish is poor at present. I intend to get help to browse further. From what I can understand, I think you are must be very busy ;)

Yes, FLOSS and Education concerns me, but mainly my
children (only one 3-years old, up to now) and their
forecoming children ;)

I take courage from the thought of our children realising a better world through our work.

I am in contact with Felipe and his organization
Conexión Social. They are leading FLOSS applied to
social issues in Venezuela, and in contact with people
from Hipatia also. Richard Stallman was also very
interested in this process in Venezuela.

I take courage from what you are doing in Venezuela also, and understand that it is borne more out of harsh necessity than I, for one, am accustomed.

This email developed into a long thread on both the [fsfe-uk] and the [centres] lists. I intend to repurpose the information gathered to:

* Build a web resource for the [centres]. I understand the [centres] may beat me too it ;)

* Use the information to supplement [fsfe-ie] if required.

There may be content buried away in these threads which may be of use to you.

Felipe / Martin: What information would be of most use to you for the conference ?

All the best


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