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Re: [ox-en] Creating a revolutionary situation

La comunidad Oekonux abrio un wiki en español, se
necesita colaboracion de traductores.

Oekonux community presents its spanish wiki,
collaboration is needed! 

(ya estuve traduciendo algo por ahi)
(I have just transalting something there)

 --- Adam Moran <adam> escribió: >

Martin Hardie wrote:
  (P.S. feel 
free to use this twiki)

Joder ! !

Have a look at this from Marx Beyond Marx by
Negri. It is a part of one of his 
lessons on the Grundrisse

Thanks for the reference. I've never read the
Grundrisse /de/ , 
Blue-Print /en/. I've just started Negri's Empire
... very Aristotelean 
... pity he couldn't trap is thoughts in an email
... may be they are ;)

139 Marx beyond Mark

It is now a matter of bringing the different
together, to harvest the totality of the process
in all its richness. Let us 
begin again at the beginning and move forward. 

Martin Hardie wrote:

I would be interested to see how these passages
sit with others on the list.

I've copied some folk in who may be able to test out
your Spanish ;)



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