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Re: [ox-en] Nazi in Debian Alert


On Tue 24-Feb-2004 at 08:49:16AM [PHONE NUMBER REMOVED], Martin Hardie

What I was trying to find was the original letter (was
it you Rich?) sent to Mr Perens.

can someone post that?????

Best ask Paul Bowman, he was the person who contacted

When googling on this matter at the time it can up I came
across this email from Bruce:

  Our families (Valerie and I are Jewish) were able to
  emigrate to the U.S.  between 1800 and 1900. Thus, those
  of us that we know of avoided the Nazis in Europe. If we
  had any relatives left there, they most probably died in
  the Holocaust.

Organization: projekt

Thread: oxenT01917 Message: 56/62 L3 [In index]
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