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Re: [ox-en] pattern: ExileFascistFromSocialResearchProject

Graham Seaman wrote:

But ox-en really can't make
any decisions which are binding on ox without involving them too, and
duplicating the discussion on ox and ox-en is going to drive everyone
1. can we make binding decisions?
2. Do we want to?
3. Duplication of discussion is only going to drive people on all the other lists nuts maybe. Most of us are only on this list so we will remain sane ;-) 4. Do I care what happens on the other lists? - For me no because this is the list I am on.
5. Or is Ox becoming a party all set out with its own party line and theory?
6. We should have a politics than can deal with things as they come up in a manner consistent with our community project. I am not sure that to do this we need rules, binding decisions or anything. Last week showed that passion can deal with the problems when they arise. 7. But what is it we are meant to do here - build ox and its reputation or discuss something ...on topic ... what is that?

How about someone suggest something to read and discuss. I suggested this:

Is IP law currently in a state of exception?
Does the GPL live within a state of exception?
State of Exception <> BY GIORGIO AGAMBEN

Thank you your kind attention

"the riddle which man must solve, he can only solve in being, in being what he is and not something else...."

Organization: projekt

Thread: oxenT02232 Message: 49/51 L16 [In index]
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