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Re: [ox-en] pattern: ExileFascistFromSocialResearchProject

On Fri, 5 Mar 2004, z3118338 wrote:

Graham Seaman wrote:

This is probably best done on [pox], 

this is best done here amongst the list. if management is preoccupied 
they can catch up

Funny :-)

But that's not the question: it's a language question. In theory ox-en is
english speakers, ox is german speakers, and pox is both. So overall
decisions can be made on pox by everyone without it being just one
nationality that decides things. In practice, not all of the people on
either ox or ox-en have bothered to join pox.  But ox-en really can't make
any decisions which are binding on ox without involving them too, and
duplicating the discussion on ox and ox-en is going to drive everyone
nuts. Having different policies on ox and ox-en sounds completely wrong to
me (I seem to remember hearing about something similar in the trade unions
in 1913... - in other words, I think we've got to be international ;-) 


Organization: projekt

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