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Re: [ox-en] pattern: ExileFascistFromSocialResearchProject

On 3 Mar 2004, John Bywater wrote:

Lieber Stephan,

As we stroll towards our glorious GPL-society, might you please let me
know: are we to expect any more vile messages from this character, or
has an end been put to this disgrace? And what will happen next time?

I asked Stefan off list - I have the impression he's rather overwhelmed
with a new job lately in addition to dealing with mail server problems -
and the mail from Jonathan was sent from off the list (it isn't
subscribers only, which is why Adam is able to post too).

So Jonathan HAS left the list; on the other hand, he isn't explicitly 
blocked from posting to it. Personally I can live with that, I don't know
about others. But I really think we need a policy in place for the future.
This is probably best done on [pox], the list for organizational topics -
but that's currently overwhelmed with all the work involved in setting
up the conference. Would it be possible to leave this decision making till
after the conference (where the topic is bound to be discussed anyway)
or not?


Organization: projekt

Thread: oxenT02232 Message: 46/51 L13 [In index]
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