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[ox-en] pattern: ExileFascistFromSocialResearchProject

Lieber Stephan,

As we stroll towards our glorious GPL-society, might you please let me
know: are we to expect any more vile messages from this character, or
has an end been put to this disgrace? And what will happen next time?

Sometime in 2004, some fascist wrote:

What makes a state different from other social groupings of people?  In
fact, exile of dissidents has a long history as a legitimate means of
ensuring state cohesion.  The colonies were primarily populated by
religious dissidents, except in Australia.

But I write because it must be said:

1. The colonies, or couse, were primarily populated by the people who
lived there before the foreigners arrived. This is, of course,
universally true expect for the situations pertaining where such people
were largely exterminated.

This point probably makes that fascist cream even more than peddling his
particular mix of poison.

Whilst keeping my comments brief, I might add:

2. The State is not a 'social grouping of people', but a machine whose
maintainers, amongst other, consider it to be the provider of the
reasonable organisation of the community. That view, with the categories
it invokes, is sometimes called into question by people who happen to
notice firstly, that not everthing is as rosy as things are made out to
be, secondly, that not much is as rosy as things are made out to be, and
thirdly, that what is reasonable for one person isn't necessarily quite
so reasonable for another. Although Reason itself indeed shines on such
people, the State merely provides destructive fury. So much for the
reasonableness of the State.

Anyway, I should refer to my private correspondence with you where I
suggest that whilst such poison as the above is permitted, the only
reasonable line of action is to deal only with this problem.

I am increasingly inclined to oppose the continuation of all ox-en
threads - other than those dealing with this real problem - until we are

To confuse this issue is an objective mistake.

Perhaps we could form a pattern which resolves the forces that swing
into operation when a seasoned fascist joins an online social research

At this moment, it looks much like any other anti-pattern:
FascistJoinsSocialResearchProject (fascist joins project and presumes to
tack vileness onto legitimacy, fascist pisses everybody off except the
dimwits who think variously it's all quite new and interesting, or
somehow take pride that their social activity is 'apolitical', good
people leave, signal rightly becomes poison + noisy protest, production
goes to pot).

To be mitigated possibly with: ExileFascistFromSocialResearchProject
(and following you: fascist gets asked to unsubscribe by a certain time
or be unsubscribed, no more vile messages pissing people off, noise
becomes signal).

Even if this thug has left, there may well be others who join.

The functional immune system adapts itself to be ready so next time it
doesn't have to mess around wondering what is to be done.

I request only your cooperation.

Dein John.

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