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Re: usage of software [was: Re: Fwd: Re: [ox-en] Walther]

On Sun, Feb 29, 2004 at 04:25:32PM [PHONE NUMBER REMOVED], auskadi wrote:
What seems important is that people are not happy. We dont kick
people coz they disagree with us. We kick them because they have
views that are not consistent with the principles of respect for
humanity ..... (i cant put t better than that)

I agree. It is the right of every group and every community to decide
what views they want to include in their community and which views
they don't want to include -- as well the types of views they're going
to draw lines at.

I'm sorry if my statements about kicking out people one disagrees with
seemed like it was trivializing the nature of the conflict. Racism and
fascism are cleary a very big deal and I never intended to downplay

Remember this whole shitty storm arose because I asked for an email
that had been published here so I could use it in some
research. That was off topic. One thing that really does get up my
nose in oekenux are the school masterly directions about what to
post, where to post it, not to do this and that. It is so bloody
ordered, controlled or disciplined....

I think that setting constraints of scope for a mailing list is an
important step. I think that reminders when people get off topic are
useful. Hopefully, the vast majority of people will, out of respect
for the community and the desire to participate, respect the scope of
discussion as it is stated.

I am gonna keep talking to Chris. I feel real bad about him
leaving...  just beacsue others want to hang on to their rules...

I plan to stay in touch with Chris as well. I'm really sorry to see
him leave and I've told him that off list. He's added a great deal to
this list.


Benjamin Mako Hill

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