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Re: [ox-en] Openness (was: Re: usage of software)

On 6 Mar 2004 at 15:28, Stefan Merten wrote:

To me it is a shame that someone you call a Nazi could give some of
you lessons on how to behave in a civil manner. Some of you may call
civil behavior an extra intelligent strategy, but I'd love some of the
persons here could hide their real identity behind such an extra
intelligent strategy instead of distributing hatred by this list.

Frankly I'm disgusted by the state this list is in. I'm saying this as
an individual member of this list.

I'll second that. From everything google could find on Jonathan I
could not find any evidence of him being a racist nor a nazi as I
understand either. Newspaper editors publish content they disagree
with constantly and I don't see a web site being much different (eg;
there's plenty of stuff I'd like to remove from, but I
don't on principle).

However, self unfolding is a process of discovering ones failings and
repairing them. Most often such failings are those of misperception
whereby the individual carries with them perceptual baggage. Much of
this baggage derives from the individual's culture and society.

My style on this list has often been deliberately antagonistic
because it is through forcing people to reply that you make them
think about what they and you are saying. This to me IS the process
of self unfolding, of minds rubbing off one another to mutual
benefit. To cause moments of creation, you need lots of chaotic

I have grown a little through this - I've read a hell of a lot of
hard right wing material in the last few weeks which frankly makes
Jonathan's secret stuff look tame (I needed a fresh baseline to
compare against). I've found it slightly disturbing that it's
affected me by seeing racial lines where I previously did not and
considering the breeding of humans like they were types of dog, but
then self unfolding is often a disturbing process. I'll get over it.

This list will survive - it has too much latent energy. And I look
forward to seeing if we can eclipse the German side of things! :)


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