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Re: [ox-en] Re: [pox] Important: English list

On Mon, Mar 15, 2004 at 11:57:15PM -0000, Niall Douglas wrote:
I'll go one further again - most of anything written in German is 
permanently lost to the world and is of little use to anyone who 
isn't German. English is a major world language with at least 350 
million native speakers and several billion overall. Therefore 
painful as it might be to accept, the most productive way to do 
Oekonux discussions is in English. Or even Spanish. But not German.

Please stop with the flamebaity language imperialism. Your conclusion
is not true. You can still have stuff filtering through via billingual

This said, a majority of all philosophical advances in the last two 
hundred years have come from Germans. They are uniquely able to 
advance things. However, it seems to be that a fundamental tenet of 
what Oekonux seeks is inclusion of everyone across language 

Everyone including those who are not good at English?

I don't know how big a proportion of the German list can read and write
English well and easily - if it's like 99% maybe you have a point.
But I doubt it.

I'll go still further here - what Oekonux should be seeking is 
inclusion of everyone across ALL differences - we are talking about a 
new form of society. That includes those of the far left and those of 
the far right - how can any such system be practical without taking 
account of them?

Ah yes, the paradox of pluralism. It's a good question.

The standard answer I have to fall back on is that Nazis are not interested
in anything we would recognise as societal freedom. Yes they must be taken
account of but perhaps now at this early stage is not the best time to get
bogged down in it.

  Is there anybody who thinks that the English *Oekonux* list improves
  instead of declining?

I think it's improving. 

I don't.

Some of the people left due to too many off-
topic posts generated by others who left because the thought of 
someone being a nazi was too much to handle[1]. If that latter group 
are so intolerent, then in fact they were holding back the goals of 
this list

What unwritten goals are you referring to?

and project and while it is sad to see useful opinions 
removed, it is probably for the best.

Isn't just a mirror image of me saying "We don't want Nazis because they
don't respect freedom"? Aren't you being inconsistent here?

[1]: I have often wondered if the same people would get so worked up 
if a real Nazi who pretended not to be joined the list. They could be 
spreading around their evil blah blah etc. and still those who left 
would know no better.

I would get worked up about if it I found out, yes.

Contrast with someone who is a right wing 
nationalist yes but nazi

Well, he is a holocaust denier. (See my previous posts, I have been into
this and I was told it was "witch hunting".)

I have never encountered a holocaust denier who wasn't a fascist. Which is
not to say there aren't any, just that the probability is high in my view.

no who publishes other people's opinion much 
as a newspaper editor does

He's more than that. I think you have been deceived by his insincere
protestations. See previous posts on the insincerity of the far right.

and somehow this is an evil which cannot 
be tolerated, must be stamped out at all costs and the mere concept 
of which fills people with mind numbing, paralysing fear - destroy 
the evil, cut it out, kill it now now now before it gets you. Almost 
sounds like a certain someone's speeches about the innate evil of a 
certain ethnic group in the 1930's, which I find highly ironic :(

Well, Nazism _is_ evil and it would be a very bad thing if it rose again.
(Indeed that is not so hypothetical, some recent regimes - and I don't
mean Saddam's - could be described as nazi-like.)


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