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Re: [ox-en] sense and nonsense of licenses (bare acts/sarai reader 5)

Hi Sandor and all!

3 days ago sandor wrote:
    I define return differently.
    My concept of contribution to the commons is heavily influenced by
the notion that use by any other person is a return to at least one
member of society, and of value.

Great thought!

This reminds me a bit of the cooking pot model Rishab suggested on the
WOS1. Everything goes into a big cooking pot and everybody takes from
this big cooking pot. Rishab suggested this as a generalized exchange
model and though I do not like the exchange thing in a way it gives an
answer to "But there is no return!".

Or to put in Oekonux wording the Selbstentfaltung of someone else is
fueled by your contribution and regardless whether or not you benefit
directly from this person's Selbstentfaltung you benefit from it in
the generalized sense where the Selbstentfaltung of all is the
precondition for the Selbstentfaltung of the individual.

    There is also the question of reduction of value; do any of these
actions somehow take from the value of the original offering? Not in
many cases, leaving the need for any return questionable.

That is where the analogy between material goods and information goods
definitely breaks. If you take away a material good then the original
possessor can not use it any more. That's the inner reason for why the
concept of property makes sense for material goods at all. But you can
not take away some else's information goods - that's why there is no
inner reason for property in information goods. That's why the concept
of property in information goods is completely alienated. That's why
people tend to not respect it unless they have a good chance to be
sued for it.

						Mit Freien Grüßen


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