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Re: [ox-en] sense and nonsense of licenses (bare acts/sarai reader 5)

Stefan Merten wrote:

Hi Sandor and all!
   Hello everyone!

This reminds me a bit of the cooking pot model Rishab suggested on the
WOS1. Everything goes into a big cooking pot and everybody takes from
this big cooking pot. Rishab suggested this as a generalized exchange
model and though I do not like the exchange thing in a way it gives an
answer to "But there is no return!".

Or to put in Oekonux wording the Selbstentfaltung of someone else is
fueled by your contribution and regardless whether or not you benefit
directly from this person's Selbstentfaltung you benefit from it in
the generalized sense where the Selbstentfaltung of all is the
precondition for the Selbstentfaltung of the individual.

   Mmm... Mostly yes and a little no :)

I see the act of creation as itself being an unfolding in most instances. I don't like to suppose the benefit only comes after a transaction - I think it's usually the opposite. The return is in the doing. Upon thinking about it... I think in terms of Selbstentfaltung things are generally of no value to the creator once they are created - only others... Unless perhaps you mean a person's economic unfolding, but I think of that as outside of the term...


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Thread: oxenT02592 Message: 7/9 L6 [In index]
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