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Re: [ox-en] sense and nonsense of licenses (bare acts/sarai reader 5)

Hi Sàndor and list!

Yesterday sandor wrote:
    I see the act of creation as itself being an unfolding in most
instances. I don't like to suppose the benefit only comes after a
transaction - I think it's usually the opposite. The return is in the doing.

I agree to this point and I'd emphasize that this is the reason why
things are actually *done* in the first place.

However, the creation may be of lasting value because the creator is
proud of his/her creation. I think this is also a source of
Selbstentfaltung - especially when this pride is fueled by the
attention others pay to the creation.

For instance I put my small Free Software projects to my personal web
site very consciously. For this site I get the web statistics and can
see how often the code has been downloaded. I feel this is important
for me because I can see at least in the numbers how much others out
there value my ideas enough to give it at least a try.

    Upon thinking about it... I think in terms of Selbstentfaltung
things are generally of no value to the creator once they are created -
only others... Unless perhaps you mean a person's economic unfolding,
but I think of that as outside of the term...

Humans are social beings and I think we should not underestimate the
importance of an image one creates for itself as an psychological

						Mit Freien Grüßen


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