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Re: [ox] Re: [ox-en] Survey about wiki engines

Hi lists!

1 hours ago Stefan Merten wrote:
Beyond that to my perception there are two questions which need to be
answered. Which license to use for the Oekonux Wiki and which
structure should be used. Both are questions which are completely
(license) or largely (structure) independent from the Wiki engine
because any Wiki engine can be used for any license and (nearly) any
structure. However, IMHO none of these questions are show stoppers for
using the Oekonux Wiki which can also be done right now. For people
like me who don't care too much about the exact license as long as it
is free the license doesn't matter anyway. And structure can be
changed at any time to fit the policy in place then.

Sorry, I was not complete on this. There is indeed a suggestion for a
structure to use on

which is now updated to V0.2. I think we should start with this. As I
said changing structural things after we had a better idea is always
possible. IMHO such decisions are up to the Wiki maintainer.

						Mit Freien Grüßen


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