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[ox-en] Suggestion for OX wiki principles and maintainance

Stefan wrote:

which is now updated to V0.2. I think we should start with this. As I
said changing structural things after we had a better idea is always
possible. IMHO such decisions are up to the Wiki maintainer.

The idea was ro enable maximum freedom in the oekonux wiki.

Only two "top level pagenames" are reserved. That is "Oekonux" - as an
umbrella for all pages that serve for presentation, maintainance and
condensation of project results. And the other one is "FreeModes" - as a
kind of "book" on the universe of Free Production that we consider the
base of a new economy and new society.

These two things would need a bit of care and maintainance - to say it in
an understatement. The rest would be left to the responsibility and
self-organisation of individuals or groups that would act within oekonux
or even simply as hosted by oekonux  based on a general agreement of fair
use that should be worked out. Also things like the "freeze" of Wiki2
could be "deposited there", maintain their own life or serve as a "gold
mine" for new projects.

Preferrably, content should be developed in such "domains"  (marked by top
pages) and linked intentionally instead of having one flat wikispace. Yes,
thats a definite direction to support project-oriented work.  It is like
encouzraging people to opening up "fora" and take some responsibility on
their life and content.

If this can be accepted, I would be happy - because the work on the new
Wiki could start.

Out of personal capacity reasons, I wish not for very much longer to work
as "the maintainer", but would be happy to find a group of people working
collectively as a team along these maintainance principles.

Any offers of help are gladly accepted by private mail.


Contact: projekt

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