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Re: [ox-en] Free software entry on wiki

Hi Tom!

3 days ago Tom Chance wrote:
Why is it so inaccurate and, at a guess, ideologically

I guess because the page on

has not been revised very carefully, yet.

In general there is no such thing like a binding Oekonux opinion.
However, there is a certain Oekonux perspective on some phenomena and
this perspective I find legitimate to convey in a text. This includes
that texts from other perspectives might be at least insufficient or
even misleading.

The problem with unsigned material like this is that it *looks* like
being an "official" opinion. I don't like that idea but we don't have
a culture / policy for such things in the Wiki yet. Your remark about
your perception of this page I find a good warning regarding unsigned

I would spend ages correcting it all, but then it may just revert back. Before
touching it, I'd prefer to know whether people in this community are serious
about research or serious about putting forward a distorted Marxist
interpretation of every aspect of free software theory?

Well, if the goal of Oekonux would be to pursue a single, ideological
view of the world then I think the project would not be as successful
as it is.

IMHO feel free to change the page. I don't think that it would simply
be reverted back. There is an accompanying discussion page but I for
one find it more useful to have the discussion in the original text -
and be it only for destroying the false impression of an "official"
opinion ;-) . Take your choice.

Ah, and please use the link above because this is in the Oekonux Wiki
now. If you use the link you gave you are not talking to the Oekonux

						Mit Freien Grüßen


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