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Re: [ox-en] Debates in the Wiki


2 days ago ernie yacub wrote:
On Monday 08 August 2005 09:10, Stefan Merten wrote:
Last week (8 days ago) magius wrote:
2005/7/31, Stefan Merten <smerten>:
for collecting pages describing debates here on this list. I added a
first page about the discussions of the GesellianModels at:

Stefan, better you change the page title  ;)

I was not sure on the page title, indeed. May be something like
`AlternativeMoney' would catch what I meant. Right?

alternative is misleading - one thinks of AN alternative which conjures up
competition and singularity  (diversity is all) - complementary or community
currencies would be more accurate - complementary in that they operate
alongside other money systems and in some ways augment them - ie they are

I tried to explain this on the page. And also that it should be renamed.

OpenMoney is a LETS-like decentralized model and instead "Gesellian"
demurrage based model is (actually) a centralized model. They're NOT

So please feel free to improve on my understanding and explain the
differences. That's what a Wiki is for :-) .

your understanding would be much improved by reading the wealth of material
(20 years worth) already written in places like these...

Well, if you can explain me why theory of capitalism inspired by Marx
is wrong, then this could make sense. This would mean that you have
understood Marx completely and can think beyond this. Good luck :-) .

In the meanwhile you may try to answer some of the questions I asked.
I guess after 20 years of study it should be easy so give convincing
answers even on basis of *my* background ;-) .

						Mit Freien Grüßen


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