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Re: [ox-en] suggestion: collecting addresses, dopedia

Is the aim of dopedia to be a sort of "do it yourself" wikipedia? a
how-tos repository? If yes, (i.e. using the mediawiki categories and
hypertext) would be interesting to try to make a rhyzome that connects
in an intelligible way the how-tos togheter. The aim would be to show
how to make final products, through different combined how-tos.

2005/9/25, Thomas Kalka <thomas>:
I suggest to use a social bookmarking system like to
share and collect links which are interesting in the oekonux context,
which is much easier to use compared to a wiki for this purpose.

We could try to get used to use one of the available services (see for an introduction and a
list of services) and tag anything interesting with "oekonux" and other

In addition i would like to find people which collect links to building
instructions, schematics etc for free hardware, free introductory
articles to self-acquire skills, self empowerment etc ...

For this purpose i bought the addresses

If there is enough interest, i could operate a mediawiki (english and
german, gpl) on these addresses, to collect information how to "do
things". For example: the information how to solder something (found
somewhere beneath are interesting in a
broader context. Hopefulle we will earn some synergy in the long term  ...

I have started to use for dopedia and coforum. Try for
exampe to get a feeling of the
I am greatfull for forwarding this message to interested people.
--Thomas Kalka

Contact: projekt


un laboratorio di creazione sociale :: a social creation lab
Contact: projekt

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