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Re: [ox-en] suggestion: collecting addresses, dopedia

Is the aim of dopedia to be a sort of "do it yourself" wikipedia? a
how-tos repository? If yes, (i.e. using the mediawiki categories and
hypertext) would be interesting to try to make a rhyzome that connects
in an intelligible way the how-tos togheter. The aim would be to show
how to make final products, through different combined how-tos.

Yes. Collecting all these data would be a big effort. It seems more promising to glue together the pieces, which already exist.

un laboratorio di creazione sociale :: a social creation lab
I wonder why I did not notice this website before. It would be interesting to explore possible synergies with and simmilar projects.

Contact: projekt

Thread: oxenT02810 Message: 3/9 L2 [In index]
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