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Re: [ox-en] Peer-to-peer Electricity

On Sun, Sep 25, 2005 at 11:54:43PM [PHONE NUMBER REMOVED], magius wrote:
Microgrids as peer-to-peer energy

Alternative energy technologies are falling in price
Small networks of power generators in "microgrids" could transform the
electricity network in the way that the net changed distributed

(.....)  As an analogy, the microgrids could work like peer-to-peer
file-sharing technologies, such as BitTorrents, where demand is split
up and shared around the network of "users".

That's the blahblah, keyword spinning, hand wawing and attention
drawing. And now something completely different - from the bucked
labeled "reality":

Wanna 3kW wind power generator? All you need is to go to car scrap metal
junkyard and take off one rusty disk brake, and then order some
high-strength magnets:

(OK, you need also some magnet wire and wooden boards for the propeller,
but that's really common).

And take care. This is no Barbie-girl consumer technology. This is
cutting edge of powerful free technology. Put two of those magnet
assemblies on one table and they are so strong they jump into the air
and snap together, while 
1) if you have hand in between, you lost a hand
2) you can throw them away, there's no way how to get them apart.

"The attraction between these magnet rotors is very strong and very
dangerous!! We drilled at tapped 3 holes in the front rotor so that we
'jack' the rotor down , or 'jack' it back up with 3 1/2" pieces of
allthread. (jacking screws) It takes a while, but it's the only safe way
to do this. Editor's note -- George's fingers are in a BAD place. If the
jacking screws were to fail, he would LOSE 4 fingers. This is
unlikely--but it's always something to keep in mind when dealing with
any magnet rotor."


Contact: projekt

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