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Re: [ox-en] New economic model for free technology?

Hardware development might mean prototyping, material costs etc.

Everything is material costs, including the dreaded development time.

Ronja development is being performed using universal
artifical-intelligence machine called "me", which has quite high
material requirements to work properly and design efficiently and
quickly (in terms of the machine description, "be happy").

1) accomodation
2) eating
3) dringking
4) sleeping

If you run PCB fab house and your high-precision etching machine needs
high-purity chemical X, you don't ask questions and go, buy X for hefty $$$ and pour it
into the machine, because the machine is delicate and expensive and you
don't want to risk that it breaks from low-quality input.

Substitute "happy life" for "high quality chemical X" and "human
developer" for "high-precision etching machine" and now you see - why
should it be strange to feed me with money when I want to produce
something useful to wide public?

Or isn't Ronja useful to wide public?

Can't I be considered an expensive and delicate machine? It took many
years for my parents to bring me up, they wasted their lifetime on that,
and now my abilities should be trashed? Are we going to use TV set for
driving nails into wood because we have lack of imagination to use the TV
set for watching television?

The society should finally realize that people are people and treat them
this way. They treat them as hammers and not high-quality delicate
machines they are - they use them basically like slaves (day job), their
invention and imagination circuits lay unused, and sometimes they just
kill them like they were animals (all the wars) or they leave them rust
apart (famine in Africa).

Civilization is treating human worse than machine, like they were
worthless. This is called materialism. And this has to be abandoned.

Erich Fromm says that humans should do what they are good at and what
they like, to realize their individuality. Not like welding robots
in depersonalized automaton conformist consumerist Orwellian

This society is sick. It is Matrix. I can't understand people didn't get
it when they saw the movie...

The emperor is naked.


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