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Re: [ox-en] Re: Basic income as an option?

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My comments below.
Sorry but this sounds really ridiculous to me. If I get money because
I'm in a bad social situation and I have to prove this then you say
this kills incentive to work. If I get money even without needing to
prove the necessity the incentive to work is higher. What???
  YES, THAT'S IT. Empirically today, if you get conditional social  support, you have to prove that you deserve it. If you make a little  more, you loose it. Thus, it makes sense not to want to work, in order  not to loose the support. If you get a basic income that unconditional,  that you don't loose if you start working, the disincentive falls away.  Why is that so difficult to understand. With a basic income, you can  "do nothing", but you'll have relatively little money to come buy; you  can periodically devote yourself full time to productive endeavours  that only generate use  value, i.e. the full activity paradigm; or  you can work, to find additional income.

You argue that motivation for (alienated) work is some additional gain
to what I receive already. I agree. You need to (structurally) force
people to alienate from themselves. In other words: the negative
incentive is the alienation.

If what I receive already is even unconditional why the hell should I
be more motivated to do (alienated) work? The negative incentive of
alienation is present in both models but in the basic income model I'm
not even forced to alienate to prove that I fall into some
bureaucratic conditions.
  <<THE REASON is simply that you need more money to live well,  since the basic income only covers survival costs. Alienation, or not,  you need to eat. BUT, with the basic income, your choice of options  enlarges, you have more power to withhold your participation in the  alienated part of the economy. That creates an incentive towards the  market economy part, to offer 'better options'.


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