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Re: [ox-en] Re: Basic income as an option?

Hi Michel!

4 months (129 days) ago Michael Bouwens wrote:
Sorry but this sounds really ridiculous to me. If I get money because
I'm in a bad social situation and I have to prove this then you say
this kills incentive to work. If I get money even without needing to
prove the necessity the incentive to work is higher. What???

  YES, THAT'S IT. Empirically today, if you get conditional social
  support, you have to prove that you deserve it. If you make a
  little  more, you loose it. Thus, it makes sense not to want to
  work, in order  not to loose the support. If you get a basic
  income that unconditional,  that you don't loose if you start
  working, the disincentive falls away.  Why is that so difficult to
  understand. With a basic income, you can  "do nothing", but you'll
  have relatively little money to come buy; you  can periodically
  devote yourself full time to productive endeavours  that only
  generate use  value, i.e. the full activity paradigm; or  you can
  work, to find additional income.

Ah, I think I understand what you mean. You loose conditionalized
basic income if you work and you don't loose unconditionalized basic
income if you work. And the motivation to work differs exactly because
- as you say - "if you make a little more, you loose" the
conditionalized basic income.

This makes only sense if you imply that if you work and get an
unconditionalized basic income in addition you have a much higher
gain. In other words you add a normal wage of today to your
unconditionalized basic income. On the other hand: If, however, the
wage under unconditionalized basic income conditions is exactly as
high as the difference between a wage and the conditionalized basic
income then the gain is as low as before and people have once again no
incentive to work.

Is this correct?

If so then you need to say something about the minimum wages when you
promote for unconditionalized basic income. I mean a wage of
20EUR/month doesn't really improve your living conditions if you
already get 1000EUR/month from an unconditionalized basic income.

Well, there are some contradictions to value theory. The value of the
work / anything relates to the costs to produce the workforce / thing.
If basic income is already enough to produce the workforce then the
add-on by a normal wage actually *can* be minimal - which is different
if the buyer of the workforce needs to produce the workforce by the
money paid for wages. In capitalism this means sooner or later it
*will* be minimal. Otherwise you'll need heavy state regulations and I
can already hear the outcries then...

						Mit Freien Grüßen


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