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Re: [ox-en] Re: Personal/impersonal concrete/abstract

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I summarize my own understanding of this. Tribal and feudal societies  were personal concrete, but the former based on un-free kinship and the  second on coercive domination; capitalism is based in impersonal  relations, neutral exchange which creates no obligation, and an  abstract machine centered around money, with its own logic that is  alienated from human needs.
  In peer to peer, we retain some of the advantages of the impersonal (in  the sense that you do not have to be friends or family to be active in  peer production, you do not have to know each other), but it is again  personal because it is driven by true human needs.
  See also the treatment in this blog entry, at . Feel free to add any further  comments there.
  I discuss how peer governance deals with alienation of power in  sections 4.2 and 4.3 of my manuscript, see

Free Software does this very well. How does it do this exactly? Well,
that's probably the core of the OHA/ODA (Organization, Domination,
Anarchism) question.

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Thread: oxenT02752 Message: 83/123 L17 [In index]
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