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Term: OHA system (was: Re: [ox-en] New economic model for free technology?)

Hi Michel and all!

2 weeks (14 days) ago Michael Bouwens wrote:
One more question, what is an OHA system?

If I'd knew exactly I could explain ;-) .

Seriously: OHA system is a term which I coined to describe the sphere
of organization (*O*rganisation), domination (*H*errschaft), anarchism
(*A*narchie) (anarchism in the postive sense and as far as power
relations are concerned).

A few years ago on the German list I started a discussion about this
but quickly learned that my at this time new knowledge is no basis for
a broad consensus. In particular I understood the term domination
(Herrschaft) quite differently than most leftists. Nonetheless I
thought and still think that this is a *very* important field we
definitely need to *understand* if we talk about anything like
society. This is why I invented a new term which is less prone to

Today I'm not sure of what a OHA system is actually but I know it at
least helps regulation in groups of people of any size. It has a lot
to do with power relations, culture (in the sense of things commonly
done without being much questioned), organization, finding decisions,
agreement and so on.

						Mit Freien Grüßen


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