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Re: [ox-en] mozilla use of money

On Tue, 4 Apr 2006, Markus wrote:
am i the only one who thinks that a 10 000 US donation is an insult given
to the close to 72 million dollar that the mozilla community (not
foundation) generates?

I can't speak for everyone, but I find $72m a tiny sum compared to
Microsoft's warchest, which the foundation has to take into account. And
there are lots and lots of worthy causes like OpenSSH around.

generally, shouldnt the community have more say in the way money the money
that they generate is used and spent? im sure a poll among all those who
contribute to the open source mozilla project would reveal that much more
money should go to the openbsd project.

what do people think inhere on this issue?

I think you fail to understand that FOSS has never been about democracy,
it has always been a meritocracy with a touch of consensus building, for
good and for bad. Most of the time I think it is a good thing. In this
case, I would not want a say in how the Mozilla Foundation spends its
funds, simply because I trust them to know a lot better how to utilize it
(for the best of my interests and the good of mankind etc) than I do.

Democracy is not always the right solution. It is a tough process to
administrate with lots of overhead costs. It is also not necessary when
you are free (in both senses of the word) to fork at will.

  - Per

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Thread: oxenT02962 Message: 16/46 L9 [In index]
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